At Business College, we provide a selection of courses for anyone looking to start their life in New Zealand for the first time, further their studies and career, or acquiring new skills. We offer a range of course delivery options to suit students' individual needs.

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General English

NZQA Approved Classroom Class

This course is suitable for students looking to study General English and requiring student visas.

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TEC Approved PELT Course

This course is available to eligible migrants who have prepaid English language tuition when applying their resident visas.

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Career Training

Short Career Skill Courses

A range of non-NZQA approved short courses which use resources that provide practical basics and up-to-date knowledge of the NZ business and employment environment.


Duolingo English

Effective short-term Courses

This course aims to improve students' English language skills over short time of the period.

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Private Tutoring

Tailored 1-1 or 1-2 Private Course

This course is designed for students with specific study needs and looking to improve in a short time.

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Training Courses for Company Staff

This course is designed to train to key companies' staff and assists companies in managing the learning and development programs in line with their goals.


Pearson Language

Effective short-term Courses

This course is for students who have alreay acquired a basic knowledge of English and looking to improve their English scores in a short term.

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Golf theory and Practical Sessions

This involves a range of golf courses including a Certificate in Golf, a Diploma in Golf. Business College also offers a Certificate in English & Golf.

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NZQA Approved Classroom Class

This course is suitable for students looking to improve their Academic English and requiring student visas.

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Short-term Courses

This includes a selection of Business Courses based on students' individual needs.

Your Course Fees

The Course Fees Include:

  • GST (New Zealand government imposed goods and services tax of 15%)

  • All class tuition fees

  • Use of texts and learning equipment

  • Access to all school facilities and equipment during school hours, or by arrangement with your tutor in charge after class hours

  • Processing/recording/reporting /personal data

In addition to tuition fees, there may also be other course related expenses such as Enrolment Fee charged as part of students' total course fees. Please contact us for the latest fees.

Not Included in Your Course Fees:​​

  • If you need to photocopy any of your work, you will be charged for any photocopying you require. The cost of photocopying is 20c for A4 black and white and $2.00 for A4 colour

  • Pens, pencils, coloured pencils

  • Medical/Travel insurance

  • Any personal expenses

  • Accommodation

  • Personal Stationary needs

It is advisable to have your own laptop to take notes in classes and complete assessments. Please note that your laptop will need to have English version of Microsoft Office application installed including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Computers are available for students in the computer lab during school hours.